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How to Slow Your Inner Flash

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How to Slow Your Inner Flash was written to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse to conquer their dependence on workaholism as a coping mechanism.
Using characters from DC comics "The Flash" (such as hero Barry Allen and villain Reverse Flash) as an extended metaphor, this guide helps male and female survivors understand what it means to be a workaholic, survive hedonism and imposter syndrome, and tells how everyone has the potential to become a pessimist without proper healing.

Similar to other guides in the How to Heal Your Inner Superhero series, this book helps survivors understand that the only way to overcome the need to rely on these coping mechanisms is by recognizing their own cognitive distortions, and by reframing their negative automatic thoughts to slow and heal their inner Flash.

This is the author's twelfth book and the fifth in the How to Heal Your Inner Superhero series.

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