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Heroes Villains and Healing - Marvel Edition

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Heroes, Villains, and Healing is a guide designed to help male survivors of childhood sexual abuse understand and heal from their childhood trauma using Marvel Comic Book superheroes and villains. Using heroes such as Spider-Man and Daredevil, villains such as Kraven and Dr. Doom, an understand of cognitive behavior therapy, interactive writing exercises, and his own autobiographical journey of healing, Kenneth Rogers, Jr. helps survivors know that healing is possible. 
One in six males will be sexually abused in their lifetime. Unfortunately, this statistic is often ignored or not believed, making male survivors feel alone and perpetuating the cycle of abuse. Heroes, Villains, and Healing sheds light on this problem, allowing male survivors to know they are not alone. This guide was written to help male survivors face their trauma and realize they are neither a hero nor a villain, but, instead, human capable of growth, forgiveness, and healing.